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You never get a second chance at a great first impression.

Friendly Signs Inc. - Logo Repair and maintenance

If your sign is peeling, has burned out lights, or is showing wear, it's sending the wrong message about your business! Don't waste a good first impression! Repair worn or burned out signs immediately with the help of Friendly Signs Inc to get your business' name back on the road again.


A well-lit sign in good condition says a lot about your business. Get your signs repaired by the experts who can handle all types of signs — large and small.

Repair and maintain signs to make a great impression

Keep your signs in top condition

Tattered or burned out signs create a bad impression. Signs in bad condition can make customers think you're going out of business or that you simply don't care.

Sign repair should happen immediately after the problem is discovered.


Your sign is often the determining factor for customers to come to your door — make your first impression count! Contact us to learn how we can help make your business stand out!

FREE estimates are available for new installations. Call now!


Is your sign sending the wrong message?

Repair and maintenance